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This product has me excited and I just have to have one NOW!

Intuos Creative Stylus is the ideal creative pen for iPad. With a unique pressure-sensitive pen tip, it offers all the artistic control of real brushes, markers, and pens on paper. Wherever you are, use it with your iPad and start enjoying an authentic creative pen-on-iPad experience. Intuos Creative Stylus is designed for iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini or later.


If you don’t want an extra PC/Mac to manage and still want to work in the field or on the go I can see where this product comes in. I’m interested to see which Android apps will take full advantage of the Cintiq’s capabilities. Opportunities for developers that understand the needs of the pro graphics market.


The logical product for Wacom to finally create for it’s elite graphics professional customers and was my recommendation in a think tank I attended last year so hope you all love it. I’m still waiting for mine so have to keep my ASUS Eee Slate for a little longer :)


This is pure and simply the best pen/tablet ever and the one I use today. So nice to use with my MacBook Pro :)

Pixelmator tutorial 2010

Pixelmator has grossed over $1 Million through the Mac App Store. Pixelmator is currently the fourth top-grossing app in the Mac App Store and retails for around $29.99.

Wacom Cintiq 21UX – nice video preso

Finally getting my hands on one of these babies for a play this weekend. If you’re thinking, so why is it so hard for Wacom’s Global Evangelist Manager to get his hands on a new Wacom product …don’t worry you’re not the only one. At least we know there is plenty of demand for them.

Focus on Imaging 2010

Using Intuos4 with Adobe CS5

Adobe CS5 – ‘White Rabbit’ preview

Adobe CS5 – Content Aware Fill

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