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Leap Motion and Eyefluence discuss AR at Disrupt SF 2016

Eyefluence has impressive technology and was no surprise when aquired by Google in October of 2016. Eyefluence CEO Jim Marrgraff talks on the future of human-computer interaction with Leap Motion’s founder at Disrupt SF.

Tilt Brush VR Painting Tool

Tilt Brush is a Virtual Reality Tool that paints the Space all around you. Paint thick, three-dimensional brush strokes, smoke, stars and even light. Nominated for four Proto Awards including Best Interaction Design, Most Innovative, and Best Overall Virtual Reality Application. Winner of Best GUI.

SpaceGlasses – future of NUI

Meta’s SpaceGlasses video shows the huge potential of augmented reality, bringing the computing scenarios of “Iron Man” to life.

Vuzix Smart Glasses M100

Sixense MakeVR 3D Immersive Design tools demo

Dual-Eye Augmented Reality Goggles Recognise Faces, Gestures

Product of an experiment by the R&D department at Brilliantservice, a Japan-based app development house, the Viking operating system takes a different approach to wearable computing, relying on gesture controls and projecting a 720p image into both eyes at once. Brilliantservice threw together from off-the-shelf parts just for testing purposes, and use the Viking OS to draw a painting, open apps and even match names with people’s faces just by looking at them. Written in Objective C, Viking relies on gesture controls as its primary form of input. As hand is held out in front of face, the cameras on top of the nose bridge recorded movements and you are able to see a graphical avatar of your hand projected on the heads-up display.

All up a very interesting mashup of current tech as a proof of concept. Products combined are Vuzix STAR 1200XL glasses ($4,999), a generic RGB camera and a PMD CamBoard nano depth camera to make the demo headset we used. However, Brilliantservice has no plans to market and sell its own AR goggles. Instead, the company is looking to partner with a hardware developer who can work with the company to design and manufacture a much more attractive headset that uses the Viking OS.

Ringbow – Natural User Interface accessory for touch screens

Ringbow is designed to enhance the experience of touch screen gaming. Since touch screens are controlled with fingers, a finger-worn tool, specifically a ring, is the natural choice for complementing them. Operating Ringbow in conjunction with using a touch device enables countless new features and a much more efficient user experience.

Operating the ring with your thumb while using your finger to touch a device provides capabilities and layers of functionality that are simply not available in today’s technologies. Ringbow multiplies the functionality of your finger together with allowing simultaneous actions.

Cubee – interactive VR cube

Cubee is an interactive cubic fish tank VR display system that enables viewing from around all the screens. Its perspective-corrected rendering and real-time physics simulation establish a Natural User Interface (NUI) interaction metaphor of having real objects inside a physical box that a user can manupulate.

pCubee is a “personal” Cubee display that is light and compact enough to be held in one hand. We are building Cubees of different sizes for different applications.

Microsoft’s Kinect used to transforms movements into sound

A Natural User Interface (NUI) for professional sound design had to happen sooner or later. The 28-year-old Chris Vik began tinkering with the technology a little more than a year ago after being inspired by YouTube videos of art projects based on the Kinect.

”I actually traded in my Xbox to get the Kinect. The guy at the store was very confused until I explained I had seen a bunch of videos on the internet and I planned to spend a lot of time working out how to tinker with it.”

By the end of last year he had completed his Kinectar software and made it available as a free download on his website.

He says the technology lets musicians engage with audiences in new ways.

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