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Microsoft Research – Projected Augmented Reality Tabletop

MirageTable, a 3-D stereoscopic projector projects content directly on top of the curved screen. The information is captured by the Kinect camera, which also tracks the user’s gaze. This enables presentation of correct perspective use to a single user on top of the dynamic changing geometry of the real world.

You can see where this stuff is going and it won’t be long either!

NUI Kinect-like system using your laptop’s built-in speaker & microphone

Microsoft Research, working with the University of Washington, has developed a Kinect-like system that uses your computer’s built-in microphone and speakers to provide object detection and gesture recognition, much in the same way that a submarine uses sonar. Called SoundWave, the new technology uses the Doppler effect to detect any movements and gestures in the proximity of a computer.

Bill Buxton – Microsoft project Gustav and Wacom

Look for the tag ‘Wacom’ in the video to go directly to Bill showing Gustav painting software from Microsoft running on a 10 finger touch enabled Wacom Cintiq 21UX prototype pen/tablet.

Microsoft Research revealed Project Gustav

Microsoft Natal

Microsoft Expression – SketchFlow presentation using a Wacom Screen Tablet – DTF-720AB

Microsoft ReMIX - SketchFlow