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Collusion – New collaborative drawing app for iPad

Ever wondered what the future of writing and drawing might look like? Three guys from Sydney (Rob, Nav and Sumo) have been working on a startup in stealth mode for the last year called Collusion ( On Wednesday May 23rd Collusion will be unveiled to the public for the first time.

Collusion could change the nature of how people collaborate through writing and drawing… and in the process transform the iPad from media consumption device into an intuitive creative tool. Collusion incorporates a dedicated high precision digital pen (not stylus), iPad App and the fastest cloud collaboration service in the world.

Ten One Design developing pen pressure app for iPad

This is a technical demonstration of pressure sensitivity on an Apple iPad using a Pogo Sketch. The video shows how pen pressure can be used to change the width of a line. Palm rejection capabilities are also demonstrated.

iPad Painting Demo

DaniDraws   painting on the iPad with Sketchbook Pro and a Pogo stylus.

Painting portraits on the iPad

David Newman, artist at Google IO keynote drawing portraits of people on his iPad. You can see his art on Flickr.