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New ‘Nomad Brush’ for iPad

Nomad Brush + iPad from Don Lee on Vimeo.

Just caught this from John Derry’s blog

..about artist and architect Don Lee has come up with a new entry in tablet styluses, the Nomad Brush. The concept behind the Nomad Brush is to offer users of the iPad and other capacitive touchscreen devices a more natural mark-making stylus.

Lee says, “I love to sketch and paint, and like many of you, I found the iPad to be a great digital sketchbook and canvas. However, I found that drawing with my finger was awkward. After trying out many styluses, I failed to find a suitable one…so I invented the Nomad Brush. Each Nomad Brush is carefully handcrafted and made with exceptionally conductive materials. This allows the brush to be extremely responsive, making brushstrokes immediate and effortless on any capacitive touchscreen device.”

The Nomad Brush works with any painting or illustration app, acting to provide the user with a more natural mark-making experience. Note that this stylus does not automatically create strokes that appear to have come from a natural-bristle brush. This capability must come from an app’s mark-making capabilities.

For example, if the user chooses a thin pencil-like stroke in the host app, the Nomad Brush will then create thin pencil-like strokes. What the Nomad Brush does offer is a more tactile drawing/painting experience via the feel of a brush-like stylus in the hand.

Future of Technology according to Freescale CEO Rich Beyer

Freescale Technology Forum (June 21-24, 2010) predicts the future, here from CEO Rich Beyer.

For text version see:

Flexible and unbreakable plastic e-ink screens

Sriram Peruvemba, Vice president of marketing at E-ink, presents the new flexible plastic based E-ink display. That new plastic e-ink screen technology will make it more usable for school children to use E-ink based devices to read all their textbooks and for all to access all books and texts ever written in the whole world.

E-ink is for full readability, outdoors, with reading lights indoors, it basically provides near paper quality, perfect for reading hundreds of pages. Something that is not possible on the current LCD based iPad.

Modbook 2010 Review

Ten One Design developing pen pressure app for iPad

This is a technical demonstration of pressure sensitivity on an Apple iPad using a Pogo Sketch. The video shows how pen pressure can be used to change the width of a line. Palm rejection capabilities are also demonstrated.

RollTop concept Laptop 2010

Noise Bridge developing the Articulator app for iPad

TDM-150W 3D OLED monitor @ KOBA 2010

TDM-150W is the 1st professional stereoscopic 3D display to take advantage of the unique properties of OLEDs including the highest possible contrast ratio, extremely wide viewing angle and very fast response time. TDM-150W is an ideal monitoring solution for 3D production and on-set stereoscopic visualization.

Awarded ‘Pick Hit Winner 2010′ from Broadcast Engineering, ‘Star 2010′ from TV Technology, and ‘The Vidy Award 2010′ from Videography Magazine during NAB 2010 Show.

Prototype Nalu 3D computer

The First Curved Computer, Nalu 3D OLED Display, binaural surround sound, split ergonomic keyboard, multi-touch launch pad for apps and ink. Air flow under the keyboard prevents Li battery heat build up.

Sony develops a rollable OLED screen

Sony’s flexible display prototype is thin and sturdy enough to be wrapped up while still showing video images. The 4.1-inch screen has a resolution of 432 by 240 pixels, which is similar to that offered by many mass-market cell phones.

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