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Glasses less 3D TVs are coming! CES 2011

TDM-150W 3D OLED monitor @ KOBA 2010

TDM-150W is the 1st professional stereoscopic 3D display to take advantage of the unique properties of OLEDs including the highest possible contrast ratio, extremely wide viewing angle and very fast response time. TDM-150W is an ideal monitoring solution for 3D production and on-set stereoscopic visualization.

Awarded ‘Pick Hit Winner 2010′ from Broadcast Engineering, ‘Star 2010′ from TV Technology, and ‘The Vidy Award 2010′ from Videography Magazine during NAB 2010 Show.

Prototype Nalu 3D computer

The First Curved Computer, Nalu 3D OLED Display, binaural surround sound, split ergonomic keyboard, multi-touch launch pad for apps and ink. Air flow under the keyboard prevents Li battery heat build up.