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Yongkiat Karnchapayap


I was born in Surin, a North Eastern province of Thailand in the year 1977 and later moved to the capital Bangkok. I grew the love for drawing and Manga since I was a child as at that time manga was such a big hit in Thailand.

In the year 1994, I was quite lucky and was granted a cultural exchange scholarship where I attended my 12th grade in Morris Town, New Jersey. Here I met many young Americans who shared the same Art inter­est. I was invited to join National Art Honor Society, a unique High school club focusing on art and design study. In this very school, it was my very first time to use a graphic program; I think it was Claris Works. It was really my first time doing digital illustration. Some of my friends mentioned something like “….If you have a Tablet, you would be able to do fine digital illustration…”. I was very confused as my English skill was extremely limited then and thought I already have a table why would I need to buy another one. So I never really touched or saw a tablet until later.

Despite my love and interest in Art field, after the high school graduation I pursuit a degree in Computer Sci­ence at California State University, Fresno. While studying the science of programming, at home in my past time I was honing my art skills as my passion for art. At that time, most of my works were still traditional mediums consisting of pencil works and water color works. After I have received a degree in Computer Sci­ence (1999), I used both programming skill and design skill by working for a web company in Los Angeles as programmer/designer.

Here in Los Angeles, I was introduced to Wacom by a very good friend name Rodrigo Aguilar, an artist who’s now working for one of the leading gaming companies in the USA. Rodrigo showed me all the tablet wonders. I was very amazed by this “digital drawing pad” that within a week I was hugging my first Wacom Intuos 1 and my first real painting program, Metacreations Painter 6 (Now Corel Painter). The Intuos was 9 x 12 size, I found drawing in Painter using Wacom tablet a very natural thing to do. I was thinking I should have known about Wacom way earlier.

In the year 2002 I made a career move back to my mother land and continued working in digital industry. In 2005, I decided to form my very own company, WeCreateGame, with fridends focusing on Interactive Instal­lations and Web Interactions. Equipped with Wacom tablet, I started my own illustration freelance site under the alias “PictoVerse”. Some of the works were on display in Art Gallery exhibitions such as 1300Gallery in Cleveland Ohio, while some illustrations were commissioned by various clients. Conrad Bangkok Hotels, and AsiaBooks are smong high profile clients I was honored to work with.

My other interest and long term personal project is, a web and book project aim to resurrect Thai art and culture through the use of digital tools. Tools that I use regularly to produce art works and have proven to work great with Wacom tablet are Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop and Pixologic ZBrush.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Wacom for producing such an incredible tool for digital artists that allow artists to express themselves so freely.


2007 – Honorable Instructor Interactive Art at Silapakorn University, a National art University. (Thailand)

2005 – Honorable Speaker at 3D sculpting and painting seminar at Creative World 2005 (Thailand)

2004 – Illustrations published in “FreeWave” a book and DVD resource publication. (UK)

2003 – Second runner up of “Kbank’s Creative Web Contest 2003” (Thailand)

2003 – Art work exhibition at 1300 Gallery. (Cleveland, Ohio)


Yongkiat Karnchanapayap & Onuma Chintanasathit

305/87 Soi Pichai, Pichai Road,

Dusit, Bangkok 10300


Most of our artworks reflect on our tradition by using new technology to render out artworks.

Wacom’s a great tool that allows us to craft our work so “Naturally” that sometimes we forget that we are not using the traditional medium.

Title: Kinnaree the mythic creature

File Name: kinnaree.jpg

Description: An illustration of Kinnaree, a myhtical race of creature that lives in heavenly world of Himmapan.

Title: Yaksha the Guardian

File Name: yaksha.jpg

Description: Another piece centering on Yaksha, a giant race in mythical oriental tale, Ramayana.

Title: Converge

File Name: converge.jpg

Description: A mixed illustration portraying a lady in trance. We try to experiment with our own technique of using brush strokes from ZBrush and vectorized lines/pattern to create the convergence between the traditional and stylized art.

Yongkiat Karnchapayap