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Wu Tong


My name is Wu Tong. I am a digital painter and a 3D animator. I Began drawing and painting at 5 years old. I Gained the BFA Degree in Fine Art from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, China. Then I worked as a Visual Designer in Mo & Associates Guangzhou. As my part time job, I was one of the Founders of Fruity Lab multimedia studios in Guangzhou. And now I am studying 3D Animation in and digital art in Academy of Art University and work as a Freelance in San Francisco, USA.

My traditional art training is never detached form my education. Now drawing, painting and creating become a very important part of my life. I started learning digital art 7 years ago, when I was a newer in University. Before that, I had never touched computer. When I first used digital painting software and the digital tablet, I was fascinated by those wonderful stuffs. Then I decided to transfer my media from bush, paint and paper, canvas to computer. I got used to use it quickly. The digital media is really a good helper for artist. It makes my work more effective and higher efficiency. Moreover, I don’t need to solve the annoying physical and technical problems. It saved me a lot of time. So now I am able to concentrate my inspiration on creating. Having gotten such power helper, I am going to study and create more and better artworks. Thanks my parents, friends, and all who once helped me.


How long have you been using Wacom Pen/ Tablets?


Waheed Nasir: I have been using Wacom Pen/Tablet since 4 years, at work and at home.


What type of Tablets do you use now?


Waheed Nasir: At work, I use Wacom, Graphire. At home for my personal work, digital paintings, I have Wacom Graphire 3 (4 by 5), small and very friendly.


Tell us about your work?


Waheed Nasir: My personal work includes, digital paintings, matte paintings, concepts etc. I love to keep a painterly, traditional style for my digital work, just as I do real oils on canvas, with casual, spontaneous brushwork. At work, I do everything from realistic to painterly, from sketchy style to a finished work, depending on project requirements. Professionaly, I work as a concept artist, texture artist (for 3D), digital and matter painter, make color and mood keys, do lighting (for 3D) and do art direction.


What innovations in your work are due to the use of Wacom Pen/ Tablets?


Waheed Nasir: I went into professional digital work esp. texturing and matte paintings because of Wacom Tablet. It gives me great flow of strokes and speed, that are really needed for producing high quality work. For my personal digital paintings, I manage to have a nice painterly feel because of the use of table (Wacom).


What applications do you use in your work flow and what functionality is driven by using a Pen/Tablet.


Waheed Nasir: I use Photoshop, Painter and Artrage, for my 2D, digital/concept paintings, matte paintings and texturing). I use Maya for my 3D work. I use Wacom Tablet for all my 2D, digital work, for speed and smooth flow.


If you could ask for any new features or future innovation with Wacom Pen/tablets what would that be?


Waheed Nasir: Wacom Tablets are great in their performance, reliability and durability. For an artist, they works very fine. Though its always good to see things getting better and better with time. I am always looking for better pressure sensitivity and smooth flow of lines/brushstrokes.