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Waheed Nasir

Hello there, my name is Waheed Nasir, I am from karachi, Pakistan. I am a fine artist, CG (2D and 3D), digital artist and a musician (guitarist).

I am currently working as a concept/texture artist, digital painter, matte painter and art director at an Animation/Production Studio, called Post Amazers. I also paint light, color and mood keys for 3D work.

Though my work is completely digital (on computer) now, but i have a fine arts background, have held my solo/oneman paintings exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad as well and have a teaching experience too, of drawing, sketchig, painting and music. i feel my life and style has changed drastically since the day i stepped into this digital world.

im faster, more upto date and technical now, because of the digital influence. though i still believe (and experience, whenever i get time to paint on canvas), that, painting on canvas using oils, or drawing on paper, has its own charm and excitement, but the beauty and fun of creating digital paintings is no less. plus, life is so fast and advanced these days, everything is done thru emails, on computers, digitally, that its very important to be on the latest trends and adapt yourself with latest technologies, to some extent at least.

Now a days, i dont get enough time to do real paintings on canvas, they take long to finish, i just dont get enough free hours, to finish an oil painting in one session. so the best option and the only option i could find was to start making digital paintings, on computer, using a tablet. luckily, i got a chance to use Wacom tablet at work and since that day, till right now, i didnt stop. me and my Wacom Tablet paint something everyday. i started painting digitaly, using tablet around 4 years ago, i got a good, huge collection of my computer generated work quite soon and that even encouraged me to have my very own website as well, to showcase my work that i do. thanks to all those who visit my site and give their beautiful feedback. my thanks to the digital technology as well, because of whom i am into the wonderful digital world today and go places with my work.


Best regards,

Waheed Nasir.

Postal address: 14-A/1, North Circular Avenue, Defence Housing Authority, Phase-1. Karachi, Pakistan.

Cell: 0333-2215117.


Below is the description/details of my 10 digital paintings, that you are getting from me, for “Art Of Making Marks”, through your FTP.


Alphabetical order (all files are save with their title names).


All paintings are in Tiff format. (in order – Title, medium/softwares and dimension).


Alien territory. Artrage and Photoshop, Wacom tablet. 1323 by 844 pxls.

An eerie spot at midnight. Painter and Photoshop, Wacom tablet. 1413 by 1446 pxls.

Cherished souvenirs. Artrage, Wacom tablet. 1300 by 1324 pxls.

City silhouettes. Painter, Wacom tablet. 1400 by 808 pxls.

Light and lace. Artrage, Wacom tablet. 1400 by 1268 pxls.

Lonesome journey. Painter, Wacom tablet. 864 by 1200 pxls.

Moments before tragedy. Artrage, Wacom tablet. 1422 by 882 pxls.

Remains. Photoshop and Painter. 1419 by 1332 pxls.

Sweet pretence. Artrage, Wacom tablet. 1392 by 1461 pxls.

Tranquillity. Artrage, Wacom tablet. 1422 by 998 pxls.