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Saul Zanolari

Saul Zanolari was born in September 18th, 1977 in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

After he studied Philosophy he turned to photography and the reworking of photos.

His work represents our scary and frightening living world through portraits depicting a mummified, yet, spiritual world. A mixture of fashion clips, drawing and pop art, the portraits signed by Saul represent unusual subjects such as drag queens, dolls and Djs worldwide famous. From Simon Le Bon to Miss Kittin, moving through Amanda Le Pore, this art show offers a surreal wax museum in 2-dimensions made of images digitally remastered by Saul’s expert hand whose artistic genius has been able to draw and retouch each detail in an extraordinary way.

Saul has worked as a professional photographer/designer/artist since 1997, and has been exhibiting since 2005.

This artist has already exposed his work in New York, Paris, Basel and Milan.

All of his images begin as a photograph of the person he works on, mostly of relatives and people he knows. But sometimes other people that interest him.

He then reworks the photos, producing a different, new, artistic interpretation of individual human life.


I simply draw on an already existing photo.
The result is quite a photo and quite an illustration.
The work-process is long. It takes quite 20 working days.
I generally use my hands, a mouse and a tablet (for the hair).