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Santos Zaballos Fernandez

Address: Avenida de la costa nº136 4ºB




Artistic Bio:

1996: Finalist in a contest of drawing and painting of the diary ” El Comercio ” of Gijon, supported by the Oviedo’s University

1999: Participation in the contest of Illustration “Antroxu ‘ 99″.

2000: Participation like illustrator and draftsman in a regional independent magazine (Asturcomic Magazine.)

2001: Intervention in a Conference   with Jorge Macabich ( Bardon Art’s Director.), supported by Comic’s International Festival of Gijon.

2001: Work exposed in the Llano Municipal Center of Gijon with the occasion of a sample of the comic realized for the fanzine (Asturcomic Magazín) 

2002: Winner of the 1 º Contest of’s drawing.

2002: Participation and exhibition in the 1 º Marathon Painting ” Barrio de la arena “, remaining a finalist of the same one.

2003: Work exposed in the Municipal Center of “Vega La Camocha” (Gijon) with  title: ” Prominent figures of Comic “.

2003: Work exposed in Contrueces’s Municipal Center (Gijon).

2004: Accomplishment of the Illustration for the carnival holidays ” ANTROXU 2004 ” for Mieres’s Asturian locality .

2005-2006: Collaborator of the magazine of comics in Bable ” EL GOMERU ” by Isaac Del Rivero edited for TRABE EDITIONS subsidized by the CULTURE SOCIAL COMMUNICATION AND TOURISM COUNCIL.


Career education:

Mines Technical engineer  (Polls and mining Explorations) E.U. Of Mieres Technical Engineerings of Oviedo’s University Studies of Geological Sciences Oviedo’s University.               

Other studies:

2003: Programs of Design and Illustration (Adobe Photoshop, Freehand 10 , Adobe InDesign), given  by The Forem Center.

2002: Artistic Expressions in the Urban Ireland: Arts, Cinema and Literature, (Oviedo’s University).

2003: Vectorial Graphs in Environments Multimedia with Macromedia Flash (Oviedo’s University).     

2003: Story Board’s workshop inside “Peor Imposible”cinema’s cycle  program.

Knowledge of  Adobe Photoshop CS, Freehand.10, Adobe InDesign, Painter 8, Flash MX, Autocad 2002, word processing and spreadsheets, and of the operating systems (Windows and Mac). Control in the utilization of Wacom Intuos 3 Pen Tablet for accomplishment Illustrations.