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Robin Preston interview



Robin is native British and based in Germany since around 20 years he is working for well known agencies world wide as well as for many companies in our industry like Adobe, Apple, HP, Nikon, Wacom and others. Information about his work can be found here
his e.mail address is
Robin Preston Digital Artist (which encompasses illustration, image manipulation, and professional photography)
1. Since 1988.
2. A5 wide for location and evangelism, A4 for studio work.
3. I have 6 agents worldwide and work for large international advertising agencies creating print ads for cars, cosmetics etc. Examples of agencies are Ogilvy and Mather, J.W.T, Saatchi and Saatchi, T.B.W.A, examples of clients Mercedes, Audi, Peugeot other car manufactures plus Nintendo, Schwarzkopf, Loreal.
4. The production of soft masks and being able to illustrate photographically in Photoshop, plus changing the flow and shape and creating new brushes for my work.
5. Photoshop, various plugins, and illustration, without a pen tablet and the pressure functionality it would be impossible to create my work.
Conclusion: Lighter possibly laser sensitive or film gel.