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Man Qin


My name is Man Qin. I come from Guangxi China. Now I live and work in Guangzhou. I do all kinds of job about Concept art design. Game design and Vision design for TV Ad are my major category.


After I bought a Wacom Tablet in 2002, my work efficiency is improved greatly. Before I used digital technology to do my work, I used to take lots of tools for painting where I worked in difference places. It was very incommodity.


Now, I can easy to finish my work in difference places and times with using digital technology. Only one notebook computer, one digital camera and one Wacom tablet.


Just one thing is no good. I can’t find a reason to stop my work.


Phone: 13728086228



Mailing address: Suite 2003,

B Building,

No.21 ,QianXi three Street

XinGang West Road ,

HaiZhu District of Guangzhou City,

China (510000)