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Lok Jansen

I am an architect and illustrator based in Tokyo. While working as an architect I was doing a lot of concept designs and presentation drawings, but I found myself drawing people, still lifes and cityscapes late at night just for fun. Then I was hired as an illustrator for a 62 meter panorama depicting the history of Europe. That felt so good that I decided I wanted to try and make the switch to mainly do illustration.

Digital tools for me are just that – tools to use when making illustrations. What I like about digital is that it enables you to do a lot of quick experimentations and trials. Things like colour schemes and compositional changes are really easy to do, and I like how you can make happy accidents happen when moving or scaling things around – making a drawing into something totally different from what you had in mind in the beginning. The flexibility and time digital gives you to surprise yourself like that, is one of its biggest benefits if you ask me.

Making it look digital or non-digital is not what I’m concerned with. I just want to make the best illustration I can make at that time. I personally always start an illustration on paper, making small thumbnail sketches to try out different ideas and compositions; visually thinking on paper about what I want to do. I do the actual line work mostly on A3 and photograph or scan that in. From there I often take it into painter, sitting back with the tablet on my lap and start painting away. I play around with colours and try to keep it loose and search for ‘something’ that I feel suits the project. I keep switching between paper and computer until I think ‘did I just make that?’ and scratch my head…

Lok Jansen

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Name: Lok Jansen

Street: Unipalace Ogikubo 202, Ogikubo 3-48-7

City: Suginami-ku

Couty/prefecture: Tokyo

Zip: 167-0051

Country: Japan