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Lawrence Callender

Brief artist statement.

Lawrence Callender is a contemporary artist whose work incorporates elements of expressionism, minimalism and surrealism. His work has been greatly influenced by street art, East Asian films, and a wide genre of music. Lawrence s work is also influenced by his aesthetic appreciation of Chinese and Japanese art. In his work he captures the aesthetics of minimalism and the Zen-like tranquility prevalent in Chinese and Japanese art by the use of organic shapes and colours. His work often depicts detailed subjects set against minimalist backgrounds of flat shapes and muted colours. He admires iconic photography and the vision it takes to transform the apparently prosaic into the extraordinary. Lawrence’s objective is to bring this same quality to his work. Lawrence currently lives in Ottawa where he works as graphic designer and freelance illustrator.


“One thing that I’ve come to appreciate working digitally is how forgiving the entire editing process is. It gives you the freedom to experiment and if you feel that you’ve gone too far, go back a few steps and start again.”