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Jill Johnston-Price

Bio – Jill Johnston-Price:

Jill Johnston-Price was born in Thunder Bay, Canada. For 15 years she lived in the Baltimore area where she taught animation and film production at the University of Maryland.   She now lives in Fredonia, New York and teaches animation at SUNY Fredonia.  Jill brings to her animation work a background in photography and painting; her work evolves around a conceptual approach exploring the relationships of ecological systems of self-sustainment and the often bizarre interactions found in nature and proposed in literature and theory. She is a recipient of numerous awards and exhibitions including the 2002 Maryland Area Media Artists Fellowship and several SUNY grants. 


I am interested in melding traditional techniques of animation with newer technology without losing the seductiveness of either a more painterly style or hand produced look.  Digital technology has allowed me to create images and animations as a truly independent artist  on my own.  I purchased a 9”x12” Wacom tablet years ago and fell in love with how quickly you can create images, as well as the wonderful brushes in Corel Painter.  More recently I started using a Cintiq screen along with its tablet partner.  Sometimes I scan traditional media for textures, but the brushes in Painter, along with the sensitivity of the Wacom pens have allowed me to achieve a look that is closer to what I used to produce with paints.  I love the process. 

Contact Info: 

Phone – 614-315-2582 or 716-673-4730  Website -

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Mailing Address – 40 Newton St., Fredonia, NY  14063, USA