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Hui Tian

Hui Tian

China beijing




all these art works were painted in PHOTOSHOP:)



soul syren

Where is your soul after die, it’s up to her, the soul syren. This is painted for a tablet test, which is developed by a famous software company in China.



What happend in that small universe in her hand?



I want to paint a cover girl,she must be impressive,beautiful,and refined. so I decided to paint a girl of Beijing opera. Her accouterment is so much,it took most of my time. She is shusan.




She has been thinking that the dragon was always her obedient servant,but when the dragon’s claws touched her neck,everything is change…



This work was designed for the computer arts mag,which is an excellent mag in China.


Follow me

There is a old tale in the dark lake.

As the story goes, no one can  come back alive from the dark lake. There is a cold sexy ghost, who would lose his soul if he looked her eyes, and follow with her by the sound ‘follow me…’.only pure soul can avoid being puzzled,and make her lose magic


sad 12

12 March 2007  is a sad day for me,I try to adjust my mood, but no use. So I painted this work to express my heart. This is a simple portrait, maybe you can find something from her sad eyes.

Hope you like it


Jean-Luc Touillon, born the nineteen of october nineteen forty nine.


• Completed a traditional graphic course (diploma of national school of decorative arts in Paris)


• A total practice of numeric creation techniques (teacher at the french Apple graphic studio 1986-1993)


• A well-nown professional creative graphic illustrator (from printing to cross p publishing)


• An independant formator at CIFAP amongst others (advenced level options of graphic software)


• Nowadays independant Artistic Director and Creative Director and for Art-canes. Work with Corel Painter (since its first version on beta test) and on a graphic tablet since 1989.


• Painter Master :


• Expert, evangelist and Wacom consultant.