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Eric Seaholm


My wife Satoko and I traveled to Tokyo from Houston, Texas about six years ago, mostly with the dream of establishing my artwork here.

 Since living here I’ve honed my art skills using mainly ballpoint pen. My interests extend into digital art, photography, a bit of writing, and recently creating music.

Rationale (50 – 100 words):

Basically I asked myself what image would best represent ‘energy’. I started with what the word energy means to me, but soon opted for a more direct approach – I tried to show ‘energy’ as it is, rather than what it means. The art quickly took on a life of its own, creating a visual energy that came directly from this theme.


Name:  Eric Seaholm

Company Name: ~

Mailing Address:

#504 Park Homes

9-2 Denenchofu-Minami

Ohta-ku, Tokyo 145-0076

Country: Japan

Tel: 080-3179-5171