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Saizen Media Studios

How long have you been using Wacom Pen/ Tablets?


We started using wacom tablets right away, after seeing the capabilities of these instruments and the potential that could be brought to our products. 


What type of Tablets do you use now?


Wacom Intuos 3


3.  Tell us about your work?


SAIZEN MEDIA STUDIOS is an internationally acclaimed and award winning Design Firm that specializes in highly cinematic and detail oriented imagery. Known for its meticulous approach to graphics creation and attention to details Saizen Media Studios now has offices in both Italy and Russia, a team of internationally acclaimed artists, engineers, programmers and animators, and providing services in the fields of Web Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Packaging and Music Production.


Our studio has produced a high number of globally acclaimed official game sites, music sites and movie sites;



What innovations in your work are due to the use of Wacom Pen/ Tablets?


If I had to summarize it in a single sentence: we probably wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them! The level of details achieved in our works, the cinematic feel and mood of our interfaces is the result of a meticulous work of light/shadows, color balancing and correction, and texturing/detailing. Without wacom tablets most of these techniques wouldn’t be possible.


What applications do you use in your work flow and what functionality is driven by using a Pen/Tablet.


We use Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, C4D, SoftImage XSI, Zbrush and various other applications and plugins. All of the above are used directly with tablets, and the only step that doesn’t involve the use of a Wacom tablet is the pencil and paper phase.


If you could ask for any new features or future innovation with Wacom Pen/tablets what would that be?


Keep optimizing the level of control and pressure sensitivity, as well as switching to completely wireless and perhaps more user friendly customization settings.


ALIENS VS PREDATOR REQUIEM – Official Movie Website (2007)




FRSOUND – Francesco Rossi DJ Official Website ( 2007)


FUBON  DESIGN – Official Website (2006)


HELLBEAST – FWA Wallpaper (2007)


KEEPERS: The Key Of Life – Official Website


LINEAGE 2 Server  (2006)


SAIZEN MEDIA STUDIOS Presents: NIGHTWISH – Saizen Media Studios Official Website (2007)


NOSTALE – Join Our Story – Official Website (2007)


OTHERWORLDS – RPG Interface (2007)




TIMESHIFT – Official Game Website (2007)