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Personal Portfolio:


How long have you been using Wacom Pen/ Tablets?


About ten years.


What type of Tablets do you use now?


I have an Intuos3 A3 Wide plus a more portable for my laptop Intuos 2.


Tell us about your work?


After working in games, TV and feature films in London, Glasgow and Australia I moved to Greece and set up a company to do work for History channel. Recently we finished CG content for a 10 episode series about ancient warfare and technology. Right now we signed a second contract with History channel and we are negotiating for more to come. 


What innovations in your work are due to the use of Wacom Pen/ Tablets?


Simply one of the most important barriers between the artist and the machine is lifted. I grow up sketching with the pen, regardless of how technology evolves with the aid of Wacom products I will continue to do so.



What applications do you use in your work flow and what functionality is driven by using a Pen/Tablet.


Photoshop, Lightwave, Maya, XSI, or even navigating in windows is all now a second nature to navigate using Wacom pen.


If you could ask for any new features or future innovation with Wacom Pen/tablets what would that be?


Although a bit science fiction, I always thought that it may be productive and also creative to point the pen towards the monitor without touching it and be able to draw and navigate. This would have to be from the sitting point of the artist without the need to reach towards the screen. Just having the elbow sitting comfortably on the desk and drawing on mid air! Well, you asked!