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Antonis Kotzias interview

My name is Antonis Kotzias. I grew up in Athens Greece until the age of 18 where I relocated in London. After completing my bachelors degree in computer graphics I went to Glasgow to do a masters in Glasgow school of Arts. I then remained in Glasgow and worked in a games and commercials company called Digital Animations. I returned to London to work in Pinewood studios as a 3d artist, soon I was promoted to studio supervisor. The company was called Digi guys and their work was into games, movies, and other digital content. In just over a year I wanted a new challenge and I moved to Sydney, Australia after an invitation for Animal Logic. I was senior Texture artist on Happy feet and had a very small involment in Harry Potter. At the same time all the above where happening I managed to retain a band which I’m the vocalist. Every time I had a break I was returning to Greece to reherse and then Sweden to record our music. Being around for over 12 years I wanted to touch base for good. History channel offered me a contract to setup a company anywhere I wanted to take care of all the 3d visualisations for a 10 episode series called Ancient Discoveries. That was how Vattica was born, I returned to Greece , set up my company and finished the series in less than a year. Now we just signed a second contract with History channel and had picked up some additional clients along the way. This lifestyle was possible only through internet, I couldn’t have possibly done and arrange all this without emails, ftp and a web site.