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Outside Line interview

Why I love my Wacom tablet.

First of all it gives me complete freedom to explore my ideas, adjust, erase, doodle, anything I want. Its so comfortable to use, gone are the days of my right hand being formed into a mouse shaped claw. My work flow has increased about 200% since getting one. Digital Illustration and compositing has become a breeze since the Wacom came into my life. I also love watching other people who are used to use mice trying to use it, they pick it up as if it is a magic wand and whirl it over the tablet, I never get tired of that one. Lets not forget the light which turns green every time the pen connects with the tablet, something I appreciate. I cannot remember how I managed to get my work done before my Wacom.

Derek Boateng, Graphic Designer, Outside Line.



I can’t work properly any more without my wacom. It took a few days to get used too, but once you do it beats a mouse hands down on speed, precision, creativity and flow. They’re deadline friendly, and feel far more natural and comfortable especially when working straight through for long periods of time, no more awful hand cramps from those evil mice.

The pen feels like a big splif too so it helps to calm the nerves when you’re stuck in the office at 9pm. I especially like throwing it at Del, its got a lovely ring bouncing off his head. Finally whenever something drops down that nastily narrow gap between our desks my trusty Wacom always comes to the rescue, unless its the wacom itself of course, then i panic.

Kris Cook, motion designer, Outside Line