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Bryan Kahrs interview

Bryan Kahrs, Senior Designer
Troy, NY

I have been utilizing a 6×8 Intuos for the past 4 years and I have gone “mouseless” in the past 2 years. I recently had the opportunity to use the CINTIQ at the Cut&Paste NYC competition.
While still on the old 6×8, I am looking to upgrade to the 6×11 to help mimic my landscape monitor.

My work is primarily print focused but I am branching into motion design and illustration-heavy design as well. The Wacom has been a miraculous tool for me. Using the pen tool has allowed me to have complete control over my design, and has given me a level of precise movement I was never able to attain with a mouse. Rarely do I use set shapes (such as rectangle/oval, etc..), instead I gravitate towards the Bezier and Pencil tool. They have become a very integral part of my work and I have complete control of their capabilities due to Wacom’s technology. I can achieve precise points and perfect clipping masks, as well as translate my drawing techniques directly into the computer.

The most apparent innovations that are a result of the wacom are my use of line and sketchbook/blind contour style drawing. It has also made photo retouching and manipulation second nature. I have also been able to execute ideas much quicker and keep them true to their original design. I don’t fall victim to that disconnected design that tries to mimic something had drawn. I can carry that style over to the computer,

This tool has become so primary in my work that it is hard to imagine achieving my expectations with any other tool.

My primary software use is in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but I utilize the Wacom tablet in all of my applications, including: Final Cut, Apple Motion, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, Flash and Dreamweaver.

If I could ask for new features, I would ask for books, or tutorials on the Wacom’s abilities in a variety of applications. Wacom and Photoshop, Wacom and After Effects, etc…Seeing it’s full range of features applied to software relevant to me would be fantastic.

Perhaps making a collapsible Wacom would be nice as well. My 6×8 tablet is perfect, but I would find it cumbersome transporting the 9×12, or even 6×11

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