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Wacom CEO – Masahiko Yamada (Japan)

John Derry – Painter – Co-Inventor (US)

Russell Brown – Photoshop – Creative Director (US -World Wide)

Julieanne Kost – Photoshop, Lightroom – Evangelist (US)

Leon Brown – Expression Suite – Product Manager (Microsoft – Singapore)

Douglas Olson – Expression Suite - General Manager (Microsoft – US)

Bill Buxton – Principal Researcher Microsoft (Canada-US)

Duncan Brinsmead – Autodesk Maya - Chief Scientist (US)

Imre Molnar – Dean of School – Detroit Art School Industrial Design, Auto Design

Dr Phillip George – Live Picture – Digital Media – University of NSW 

Ron Cobb – Visualisation Artist for Film (Alien, Star Wars Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, etc)  

Nick Pill – Creative Director (Happy Feet – Animal Logic) (Charlotte’s Web – Rising Sun Pictures)

Evan Shipard – Visualisation Artist for Film (300 – Animal Logic)

Ken Lambert – Broadcast Branding (Creative Director Ink Project)

Steve Stamatiadis – Creative Director (Krome Studios) Games Developer

Matt Taylor – Animation for TV (Creative Director – Sixty40 Animation)

Bryn Farrelly – Compositing for TV and Film (The Lab)

Richard Luxton – Fashion Photography retouching (Wozok)

Ted Blore – Advertising Photo retouching and image creation (Alias)

Gerry Haggerty – 2D and 3D graphics

Nigel Allen – 3D graphics – Cinema 4D evangelist (Adimex)

Steve Rosewell – Director KiteStudio – 3D graphics (Props and sets for film and TV productions)

Tin & Ed – Graphic Design

Tylney Taylor – VFX Technical Director (Weta Digital, The Lab, Rising Sun, Bold VfX)

Craig Calhoun – Audio Engineer, Composer, Performer

Jake Hempson – Games developer (Senior Lecture Qantm)  

Allan Morse – (Senior Head Lecturer) Newcastle University