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Tony Bradt interview

Introduction:  I am Tony Bradt and I am the Creative Services Manager at DAZ 3D.  Basically, that means that I handle the art direction for the DAZ 3D web site, including the management of all freelance artwork, the management of artwork needed for marketing collateral, and the art direction of 3D content products that are created by freelance artists.
  1. I have been using Wacom pen tablets for roughly 10 years.
  2. I use an Intuos 2 here at DAZ 3D and an Intuos 3 at home and for any freelance work.
  3. I create various types of paintings and artwork mimicking traditional art mediums, focusing mostly in the fantasy and sci-fi genres as much as possible.  I also create 3D rendered artwork with a focus on the human figure in addition to the fantasy and sci-fi genres.  Whether I am working with 3D content, or in a digital 2D medium, I am always pushing myself to create the most visually compelling imagery possibly.
  4. To be completely honest I would be completely lost without my Wacom tablet[s].  The ability to duplicate the motion of a drawing or painting implement is invaluable when painting or drawing digitally.  And the sensitivity of my Intuos 3 tablet, specifically, is second to none.  With it I can work in large range of styles from subtle to bold and never feel hindered in my creative expression.  All in all, there is no way that I would be able to create the quality artwork that I do without my Wacom tablet[s].
  5. I work heavily in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.
Conclusion:  I am not sure of new innovations to improve Wacom pen tablets themselves.  Already the Wacom tablet is solidly manufactured and works perfectly for what it is intended to do.  Now if there were a way to make the Cintiq tablet monitors more affordable that would certainly get my attention.
Tony “Melmoth” Bradt
Creative Services Manager