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Ed Velandria interview

Introduction – Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Ed Velandria , I am a Creative Director and owner of a web development company called Tarantula. We design and develop websites and online marketing for our clients; Sharp, Partida Tequila, Mondavi, Canon, Jetblue and Hasbro to name a few. When I’m not designing solutions for my client online objective. I am taking my HP tablet with Artrage and drawing people on the New York subway system. I also take my tablet to more classical and not so classical nude modeling classes. I am typically the only person working digitally in these sessions.

1.How long have you been using Wacom Pen/Tablets?
About two years with my tablet, about over 10 year off on for work . I now use my tablet almost everyday.

2.What type of Tablets do you use now?
HP TC1100 with Wacom pressure sensitive pen. its smaller than a magazine, bright and super portable. too bad HP does not make it anymore.

3.Tell us about your work?
LA Times calls me “The Subway Sketcher” But what’s really happening is that I’m on a really long journey to perfect my own artistic skills. Each subway trip has become a moment of time where I can pursue my art with all the motion, shapes, colors and characters of NYC. The goal is just to draw what I experience and to do again.

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4.What innovations in your work are due to the use of Wacom Pen/Tablets?
With my tablet I am very mobile, it allows me to draw from life no matter where I go, coffee shop, drawing classes , subway , even shopping at Target.

5.What applications do you use in your work flow and what functionality is driven by using a Pen/Tablet.
Artrage, Direct to screen drawing/painting has made it possible to leverage what I was taught in art school. I can work in a more natural way even thought it totally digital.

Conclusion – If you could ask for any new features or future innovation with Wacom Pen/tablets what would that be.
The ability to have a pen that you could hold sideway like a piece of charcoal or a pencil with a long lead. A pen that can be held like traditional media. where you can factor in not just the pen tip but the gesture of the artist’s wrist and arm movement. Having a brush tips that’s would be pressure sensitive could be very cool.