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Tin & Ed interview

Ric - Welcome to the Art of Making Marks.  Thank you for this interview.  Can you just introduce yourselves and tell us a little about what you do?

Tin - Well I’m Tin, and that’s Ed, and together we’re Tin&Ed.

Ric - Fantastic.

Tin - We do graphic and moving a little bit to motion now.

Ed - It’s hard when you say graphic design, I suppose we’re not sort of traditional like that, we’re always up for a challenge of something that we haven’t done before and, like on the weekend we were painting trees for a video clip and we seem to get involved in anything and everything.

Ric - So from the technology side of your studio, how long have you been using Wacom tablets in your workflow?

Ed - Well, actually not long enough.  We only got them at the start of the year, well Tin got one at the start of the year, it’s just something that we’ve been meaning to do and didn’t realise what a difference it would make.

Tin - It made such a…

Ed ….difference!

Tin - We do a lot of illustrations and that sort of involves drawing and scanning in and cleaning up and all that sort of stuff and all of a sudden we were just drawing straight in to the computer. You have almost the same, well pretty much the same control as working on paper.

Ed - More control over the way that it works with different variations.  You’re not so restricted.

Tin - So we haven’t actually been using the Wacoms for that long but it’s totally changed the way that we work which has been fantastic.

Ric - So, I noticed you’re using a combination of Intuos3 and *Graphire4 tablets on various computers.

Tin - We just got the one that was quite easily available in a Mac store, but then when we decided to get our second one looked into it and did some research to find out what would be best for us and bought the better one. Tin uses it for absolutely everything. I don’t really use my mouse anymore. [laughs]

Ric - So it’s become a mouse replacement?

Tin - Yeah, it’s a mouse replacement, but in terms of our work we use a lot of Photoshop for illustrations and also Illustrator for illustrations as well. Illustrator has probably been a very surprising in terms of more control.

Tin - The fact that you can actually get different line weights in Illustrator which surprised us, and now where move real big into animation and using Flash which has the same feature. 

Ed - I don’t necessarily like the tools as much in Flash, After Effects has been really good.  We’re only just starting to get in to After Effects.

Tin - Everything that’s drawing related is done with the Wacom, the other thing that we use it for is for visualisation, it’s really good just to be able to sketch and brainstorm ideas.

Tin - We don’t’ really use our scanner as much anymore, which is good. [laughs] Because we would sit there for a week just scanning and cleaning things up and now it’s just straight in.

Tin - It’s changed the way we draw as well, we just draw bits in different places and move it around here and there. The undo thing is amazing, you can’t draw with a pencil and go “shit, that’s a mistake. Undo.’

Ric - If you could ask Wacom for some cool new innovation what would it be?

Tin - That’s a hard one.  I wish they had more tools.  I know there’s the airbrush and art pen but some different pens and brushes that feel more like traditional charcoals, markers, and brushes.

Ed - Also a future thing, could be like a sort of touch sensitive thing, somehow, so that you can start designing a bit more with your hands, and that sort of thing, so I mean obviously you still want to use the pen.

Tin - Yeah and smudge it with your hands. Or put on a special glove and it’s like wet and dry and smudge it.

Ric - Wacom gloves.  Excellent. Well thanks guys for this interview and I’m sure all the readers are just fascinated with your work and how you do it and if there’s anything else that you know you just want to share with us before we go?  What would it be?

Tin - Creativity, it’s cool.

Ed - You should all do it.

Ric - What are your plans for the future?

Tin - We just finished art directing a video clip, like a music clip, so we sort of want to do a bit more motion stuff and work a lot more with After Effects and that sort of thing.

Ed - Go to the US in September; well, it’s a world trip but mostly just to go to New York and show our stuff around and I don’t know, having fun and all that.

Ric - The world’s your oyster!

Tin - Yeah. [laughs]