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Angie Taylor interview


Welcome to ‘Art of Making Marks’
Introduction – Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Angie Taylor. I am an illustrator, cartoonist and motion
graphic artist, working in film, TV and new media.
1.How long have you been using Wacom Pen/Tablets?
Approximately 10 years
2.What type of Tablets do you use now?
Cintiq 21 WX
Intuous A5
Intuous A6
3.Tell us about your work?
I create animation, Illustration, Visual effects and motion graphics
for TV, film, music videos etc.
4.What innovations in your work are due to the use of Wacom Pen/
I use Wacom tablets for motion capture. i capture the motion made
with the tablets and apply the motion to animated characters.
5.What applications do you use in your work flow and what
functionality is driven by using a Pen/Tablet.
Adobe After Effects – Paint and motion capture
Adobe Photoshop – painting and cloning
Corel Painter – Stop-frame Animation, painting and cloning
Modo – 3D modeling, painting and animation
Cinema 4D – 3D modeling, painting and animation
Conclusion – If you could ask for any new features or future
innovation with Wacom Pen/tablets what would that be.
Wireless/ Cordless! I know that technology is not there yet but it
really is the holy grail!
Drip/dribble support, some way of linking pen pressure to accidental
results of painting such as drips and dribbles!
Rougher textures for overlays. I find the surface of tablets too
“slippy”. It would be nice to have clear overlays that provide
texture to the artist that would simulate dr`awing or painting on
specific textured paper/ canvas etc.

Angie Taylor studied Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art (Heriot-Watt University) and graduated with an Honors degree in Sculpture and Drawing in 1986.


She had spells working as prop-maker, deejay and cartoonist as well as studying music technology and graphic design before buying her first Mac and setting up her own business in 1996.


Angie’s work involves producing animation, visual effects and motion graphics for television, film, video and the web. Examples of her work can be regularly seen, broadcast on the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK and across Europe.


Angie’s recent projects include;

Animation and post-production on “Rubber Johnny” a collaboration with director Chris Cunningham, musician Aphex Twin and Warp Records. A controversial short film published as collectors edition DVD.


Visual Effects on the multi-award-winning short film “Hibernation”, directed by John Williams. This film won awards at; Edinburgh film festival, Festival du Film Court de Brest, Rhode Island, and Manhattan.


Animator/ Designer with UK-based design house, “D-Fuse” for ground-breaking DVD album, “Guero” by the US musician, Beck.


Angie is the author of two successful “Creative After Effects” books, published by Focal Press which teach people how to use Adobe’s After Effects software in creative ways.


Angie has also worked in the software industry as a product specialist for 10 years. She regularly tours with Adobe and Apple, giving software demonstrations and seminars on digital filmmaking and animation processes at trade shows and conferences. For two years she has been the Tech chair of the “Advanced Motion Graphics & Visual FX” track at the Post Production World conference at NAB and is responsible for arranging speakers, developing sessions and delivering content.


Angie provides bespoke training and consultancy in Adobe After Effects; Adobe’s Production Studio; Apple Final Cut Studio Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. she has provided training for various leading companies in Europe including; BBC; Channel 4; Channel 5; Carlton; HTV; B Sky B; MTV.


For the last two years Angie has helped Adobe setup and manage their freelancer programme in the UK. Her responsibilities included; scouting for potential freelance demo artists; providing training for the demo artists; allocation of jobs and events for freelancers; writing and designing materials for training and demos.


Her website is at