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Meta/Epson prototype AR headset

The Meta prototype headset consists of an Epson Moverio BT-100 with a low-latency 3D camera mounted on top. Meta isn’t just using off-the-shelf Moverio headsets, either. The company has inked a deal with Epson to collaborate on augmented reality technologies.

Epson’s existing headset runs for up to six hours, though that’s using a wired remote control unit with a battery pack, so Meta and Epson are looking to replace the LCD screens in the existing Moverio with OLED panels from providers such as MicroOLED; that should introduce improvements in both visibility and power consumption.


According to the initial promo video the new headset is being positioned as an ideal accessory for the web-obsessed social media user. News articles can be browsed by sweeping through, and then grabbing, preview bubbles floating in mid-air, webpages can be overlaid over elements of real world and physical “thumbs-up” motion can “Like” a Facebook post.


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