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NUI – Hydraulophone

Natural User Interface (NUI) is clearly intuitive; it annuls the GUI’s need to learn how to interact with the interface, which lately tends not to ease the user’s experience and discovery, but makes suggestions and recommendations. The author of the term NUI is Steve Mann: he personally devised few strategies opposite to ancient Command-Line Interface and now typical Graphical User Interface in last three decades of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, some researchers state NUI is not contrary to GUI, because in most cases the first one includes visual elements, which are the constant component of the second one; anyway, I’m talking about the whole concept, not just the technology aspect – and no one can deny the NUI is a true surrogate for WIMP.

Still can hardly imagine what Natural User Interface is? Well, as an example here’s a hydraulophone – a musical instrument that starts to play by physical interaction with fluid, mainly water. Hydraulophone was invented by the aforementioned pioneer of NUI Steve Mann. For clearer understanding of the instrument’s function mechanism just watch the video that demonstrates the hydraulophone musical performance.


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