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Leap Motion ships 10,000 developer units, paving the way for a 2013 launch

Leap has unveiled their first in-house app, a Jenga-inspired game called Block 54 that was engineered by one of their interns.

The game mechanic is all about pushing and grabbing, another sign of Leap’s preference for physically intuitive motions. Buckwald is vocal about maintaining direct physical-to-virtual interactions instead of a more abstract sign language. In Block 54′s case, that means your actions are all familiar — poking, pinching — but they operate on virtual blocks instead of real ones. It also means the skills of the game are roughly the same ones that let you win a real game of Jenga.

The new SDK commits to that UI philosophy even further, providing a codebase for basic actions like gripping, pushing and molding objects in virtual space. With this update, developers will have a library of approved gestures to draw from, with simple code they can drop in whenever they need a gripping mechanic. That makes coding easier and cheaper for developers, as long as they’re working in Leap’s preferred style of interaction design.


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