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This looks really exciting and Australian’s yet again bring their knowledge, experience and know how to Cameron’s global research project.

Art Rage – NUI & Digital Painting

Art Rage – The Future of Painting –

Sensics Smart Goggles Android 4.0 Virtual Reality Helmet

Sensics Smart Goggles – Android is popping up in everything and we’ve come across the Smart Goggles which is basically an insanely heavy helmet containing a heads-up display. It’s running Android 4.0 though we’re not sure if it matters since it’s simply supporting a gaming environment.

Corning’s Second Day of Glass

Nearly a year ago, Corning (maker of Gorilla Glass), released a video encapsulating it’s vision of the future. It’s since gotten 17 million views on YouTube, and started numerous discussions and responses.

In the video, Corning predicted large scale desktop touchscreen displays, bigger video screens, and dynamic billboards. And while much of the video is still in the future, the OLED TV’s shown by LG at this year’s CES do seem to bring the video to life.

Despite the fact that most of what was in the video still hasn’t come to reality, Corning apparently isn’t one to stand still. Just under a year after A Day of Glass was released, Corning released A Day of Glass 2.

The vision is even more heady, with nearly every surface you can see turning out to be an interactive glass screen. Windows, car dashboards, tables. There’s even a large wall in a forest (which is actually a cool concept when you watch the video.) Which parts are reality, which are close, and which are still far, far off?

Corning has an answer for those questions as well. Along with A Day Made of Glass 2, it released a second video (shown above), with a narrator to help explain the technologies and devices. As a tech enthusiast, I personally found it even more interesting than the basic video.