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QUMA – Humanoid USB Posing Mannequin for Skeletal Animation

This is very cool ..I want one!

Microsoft Kinect and Sensics zSight Demo

Immersive Viruality demo 3DVIA showed at Laval Virtual combining a Microsoft Kinect and a zSight head mounted display from Sensics.

‘Word of Mouth’ on Steroids!

Daylife Publisher Suite – The way of the Cloud

Daylife Publisher Suite – Intro from Daylife on Vimeo.

This is cool ..the Daylife Publisher Suite offers on-demand apps for any digital channel, from the cloud.

It’s dead simple to use, moves your site ahead of your competitors, and makes your organisation more agile and nimble.

I might just have to think seriously about this approach for my blog in the future.

Siggraph 2011 – 7th-11th August (Vancouver)