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Oblong Industries, Inc.

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

Oblong Industries, Inc., a gesture recognition company, licenses human gesture-based operating system to licensee/development partners in various industries. It offers a gesture recognition engine that parses and interprets positions of elementary targets, such as the user’s hand and finger positions and orientations; and a motion tracking software system, which performs glove tracking. Oblong Industries, Inc. is based in Los Angeles, California.

If it looks like Minority Report to you – it should. Their Chief Scientist, John Underkoffler, was the guy who advised Steve Spielberg on the futuristic NUI used in the movie.

Kinect for Windows SDK Coding Marathon

Microsoft recently put 36 developers together for 24 hours in a room to dream up and code stuff on Kinect? Math visualization tools for students, virtual music conductors, a gesture-controlled “quadracopter,” were some of the results.

Apple Lion OS with multi touch gestures

Microsoft shows Windows 8 Tablet interface

Microsoft offered a preview of Windows 8, the next release of its flagship operating system, at a news conference in Taipei on June 2, 2011. Michael Angiulo, corporate vice president of Windows planning, hardware and ecosystem at Microsoft, outlined the background to the operating system.

A Day Made of Glass – multi-touch by Corning

Corning’s vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it.