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Shallow Water Demo – Away3D 4.0

With Flash Player incubator program for the current Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 builds, Adobe have opened the door wide for user testing and feedback on the planned features of the next Flash Player.

You can see this and a variety of other demos running live at

Microsoft’s Craig Mundie talks about NUI and the future of computing

MultiTouch Ltd’s 46-inch unlimited touch display – CES 2011

Qualcomm – EPOS Ultrasonic Pen for Smartphones and Tablets – MWC 2011 Favorite

Android pen-based apps. Hands-on look

Pen seems to support pressure in the Adobe Journal app.

Augmented reality – Harman smartphone integration

Hitachi’s Gesture NUI (Natural User Interface) CEATEC 2010

..and eyeSight has now brought these types of gestures to the Smart Phone.

New ‘Nomad Brush’ for iPad

Nomad Brush + iPad from Don Lee on Vimeo.

Just caught this from John Derry’s blog

..about artist and architect Don Lee has come up with a new entry in tablet styluses, the Nomad Brush. The concept behind the Nomad Brush is to offer users of the iPad and other capacitive touchscreen devices a more natural mark-making stylus.

Lee says, “I love to sketch and paint, and like many of you, I found the iPad to be a great digital sketchbook and canvas. However, I found that drawing with my finger was awkward. After trying out many styluses, I failed to find a suitable one…so I invented the Nomad Brush. Each Nomad Brush is carefully handcrafted and made with exceptionally conductive materials. This allows the brush to be extremely responsive, making brushstrokes immediate and effortless on any capacitive touchscreen device.”

The Nomad Brush works with any painting or illustration app, acting to provide the user with a more natural mark-making experience. Note that this stylus does not automatically create strokes that appear to have come from a natural-bristle brush. This capability must come from an app’s mark-making capabilities.

For example, if the user chooses a thin pencil-like stroke in the host app, the Nomad Brush will then create thin pencil-like strokes. What the Nomad Brush does offer is a more tactile drawing/painting experience via the feel of a brush-like stylus in the hand.

MegaReader – World’s First Heads-Up-Display eBook Reader

Funny video! MegaReader gives you access to over 1.8 million free eBooks — that’s right, almost 2 million free books! Build your own personal library from both the classics and free modern indie books for easy reading on the go.

And now MegaReader is the world’s first eBook reader with a Heads Up Display (HUD) option! It is like reading a book printed on glass. See through a book, while you read through a book. (Available on devices with cameras running iOS 4.0 or greater.)

Video glasses from CES 2011

Still early days for these types of concepts but I truly think this is heading in a very exciting direction for Natural User Interfaces in the future.

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