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Russell Brown on Expressive Brushes in Photoshop CS5 and Wacom

Recently I had the pleasure of talking to Russell Brown (Sr Creative Director at Adobe) about Photoshop CS5 and the new Expressive Brushes that support all the expressive attributes of Wacom professional pen tablets. For more zany stuff from Russell go to the interviews at the left of the screen.

John Derry on Expressive Brushes in Photoshop CS5 and Wacom

Recently I had the chance to talk with John Derry, co-inventor of Fractal Design/MetaCreations/Corel Painter about expressive brushes that are now in Photoshop CS5 and their use with Wacom Intuos4 professional pen tablets.

For more great stuff from John go to the interviews at the left of the screen.

Duncan Brinsmead on Paint Effects in Maya with Wacom

Recently I had the chance to chat with Duncan Brinsmead, Principal Scientist at Autodesk about his work developing Paint Effects in Maya that supports pressure sensitivity in all the brushes with Wacom pen tablets. When thinking expressive brushes in a 3D application things get pretty interesting very fast.

For more great stuff from Duncan go to the interviews at the left of the screen.

Bill Buxton from Microsoft Research talks about projects like Gustav

Recently I had the chance to sit down with Bill Buxton the Principal Researcher for Microsoft and ask him some questions about Expressive – Natural User Interface (NUI) developments. For more good stuff from Bill Buxton go to the interviews to the left of the screen.

3D COAT sculpting software at Siggraph 2010

I came across these guys called 3D Coat right at the back of Siggraph 2010. This is an interesting product from the Ukraine which fits somewhere with Mudbox and zBrush. They were presenting it with a Wacom Cintiq12WX and I heard about it through many of the 3D artists I had talked to fact they were all raving about it. Seems it works really well with LightWave pitty his accent is very strong but I could understand most of what he said …see how you go or visit their website

Wacom multitouch Cintiq21UX and Microsft Gustav demo explained

Dan Tower, software engineer at Wacom talks to Ric Holland about the multitouch Wacom Cintiq21UX prototype built for the research project – Gustav and demonstrated earlier this year at the Microsoft Mix10 conference.

Wacom at the NewTek booth at Siggraph 2010

Graham Toms from NewTek talks to Ric Holland at the booth at Siggraph 2010 about the use of Wacom professional pen tablets in 3D applications such as LightWave .

DeviantART 10th Birthday Bash at House of Blues – Angelo Sotira CEO

Thanks Angelo for a rocking great night – check out the cool new Muro online painting application which supports pressure sensitivity from Wacom pen tablets at

Wacom at Siggraph 2010

Wes Maggio shows Ric Holland the new Cintiq 21UX at the Wacom booth at Siggraph 2010. Various new performance enhancing features are delivered in the professional NUI products from Wacom.

Microsoft Gustav at Siggraph 2010

Habib Zargarpour (Creative Director at Microsoft Game Studios), Steve Smith, Wes Maggio and Ric Holland from Wacom get a hands on look at the Microsoft Research Project ‘Gustav’ (How do you pronounce that!) at Siggraph 2010 in LA.

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