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Ric Holland’s welcome message

Firstly I would like to welcome you to Art of Wa blog site and The Art of Making Marks, a published book I decided to create with the help of my very good friends John Derry and Laurence Ng plus my colleagues at Wacom and many others who are named through out the book. With out their help the book would not have been possible and with their stories I have gathered together a comprehensive history taking us up to the present and future visions that help define a landscape and ecosystem for human interaction with expressive mark making digital tools developed by Wacom and it’s many software and hardware partners.

Although I work these days for Wacom I have spent many, many more years working as a designer, illustrator and creative director using Wacom Pen Tablets from the early digital days. I was traditionally trained in graphic design and then as the tide of digital technologies rolled in I soaked it all up and pushed the tools to achieve results no one had seen before which then fueled further innovations and so on. Along the way I made many friends like John and Laurence who inspired me and kept me excited about what ever new thing was coming up next.

This blog is mainly a compilation of conversations I have had with people who I believe have made significant contributions to the development of the many amazingly creative fields of digital media using Wacom pen/tablets. Wacom pen/tablets for me have been the link between man and machine, many different creative disciplines and a digital synthesis of the primal human urge to make ones mark while expressing emotion, communicating ideas or more often than not to just entertain one’s self.

Although much of the content in the book comes from top professionals in their fields I would like to point out that creativity is for everyone and a Wacom tablet is just a device to help break down any creative barriers to self expression using the many and varied digital tools available. Don’t take my word for it just read on and let these stories inspire you to pursue your own dreams and thus develop your own personalised digital life style with a Wacom Pen in hand.

I hope to see my blog live on past the above mentioned book’s publication date and continue to gather, grow and represent a body of knowledge; past, present and future visions of expressive digital mark making and human interaction technology to be published as my PhD Thesis in a couple more years down the track.

Wish me luck and here we go…       

Art of Making Marks

The global explosion in production and consumption of digital music, photos, games, video content and digital art has led us all (young and old) to having ‘Digital Lifestyles’.

Among a host of digital devices used in our daily lives like mobile phones, MP3 players and digital cameras and computers of all shapes and sizes – Wacom Graphics Tablets in particular are enabling millions of people all around the world to write, draw, paint, create and interact with their computers more creatively and intuitively than ever before.

IdN in conjunction with Wacom Australia has created a visually rich reference book that showcases the world’s foremost digital innovators and professionals who use digital tools to ‘Make their Marks’ – providing useful insights and instructional content for a global digital community.